Hi, guys!
We are Mike and Maria, a couple from Russia, living in a suburb of Moscow. In 2013 we quit well-paid job and started traveling.
Our story began in 2012, when we met each other in a cold winter Moscow. In a six months we got married. Head of the Moscow Government Department and a lawyer with a black belt in kiokushinkai karate. All free time we spent together, every weekend traveling to the nearest towns, or took a few weeks off at work when it was posiible to go abroad. But it was not enough. We dreamed to see real life, to understand other cultures, to meet new friends and to know more about how people live far from Russia. One day we took a vacation for a month and stepped in the first long trip to the Southern Hemisphere. Returning, it became finally clear that we want to change our lives. No sooner said than done! Employment history in a hand and some money too.

So, during this time we:

• Passed more than a thousand kilometers on foot, a certain number of nautical miles on a private sailing yacht and countless numbers on public maritime transport;
• Drove through the mountains and valleys, the endless desert and narrow city streets.
• Flew …. Didn’t count 
• Crossed the equator in every possible way: by land, water and air.

We have a lot of plans and places where we were not even more. There is something to strive for!

Sincerely yours,